Welcome to my website. I appreciate you stopping by to visit. My name is Gene Stovall, the son of Count Stovall and Mary Mease Warren. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised as a musician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA); which famous for it‘s three rivers, many bridges, skyscrapers, sports teams, steak salads, specialised sandwiches, traditional Jazz scene, grey skies, ice storms, depression, vitamin D deficiency, Yinzer-ism, pothole riddled roads, Weed culture, air pollution, universities, software engineering, robotics, Andy Warhol, August Wilson, George Benson, Gene Kelly, Billy Strayhorn, Myron Cope, Mac Miller, and a tapestry of famous and noteworthy public personalities. I currently live in Cologne, Germany where I started my family, host and DJ radio shows, and practice my music production skills as I release new music every week as both Gene Stovall and Geenpool, on sites like YouTube, BandCamp, and Spotify. 

I write and record music using two names because I have two different expectations for the manifestation of my work. After having many conversations with fans, family, colleagues, and friends about the state of my music choices, I have arrived at the conclusion that having two avenues to push music was better for my overall career in entertainment. I don't mind if people know that Gene  Stovall is Geenpool, or vice versa. What is most important is that people understand that Gene Stovall is the 'Vocalist Extraordinaire' that sings standards, covers, anthems, and show tunes..and Geenpool makes experimental recordings, without a steady vibe in mind, or direction as far as style or genre. 

As a recording artist, I work as if I am 3 entirely different people. My beatsmithing, music producer side is known as DJ STOV (formerly Muppetface or MF STOV). If I make a beat, or produce a track, then I put DJ STOV at the beginning, or intro of the track. When I spit lyrics, I do it as the idea of rapper known as Geno Jive. The kids in my middle school made fun of me a lot and gave me the nickname Jive (among other names), so I embraced it. I wasn't the coolest kid in class. I never had the cool haircut or the most fashionable clothing selection, but what I did have was an alternative identity that was all my own. When I started rapping, I changed my first name from Eugene to Geno (yet another unwanted nickname) and started entering talent shows. I learned to love it and it became my stage name for my original music.


I'm mostly known to the world as Gene Stovall, which is my main stage, theater, and vocalist persona. As Gene, or Eugene, I am proud to have been educated by, and/or worked in conjunction with, many different art related people and institutions such as Pulitzer Prize winning playwright August Wilson, American jazz pianist & educator Ellis Marsalis, American actor and director Roscoe Lee Browne, vocalist Walt Maddox (The Marcels), German satirist Jan Böhmermann (Neo Magazin Royale),  American stage actor Jacob Ming Trent (HBO's Watchmen), and musician August Darnell (Kid Creole and The Coconuts).


My main vocal training came by way of Pittsburgh Opera Chorister & Comprimario, David Jennings Smith. I also studied music with the late Jazz vocalist Maureen Budway (Duquesne University), musician Henry Biggs (Pittsburgh School for the Creative and Performing Arts), , musician Howie Alexander (Afro-American Music Institute of Homewood), the late vocalist Melvin K. Lewis (Metropolitan Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, PA.), and my guitar teacher American singer/songwriter Slim Bryant.


My acting training and theater knowledge starts at home with my mother, the late Mary Mease Warren; and was later added to and refined by my father Count Stovall. I studied musical theater in high school at the Pittsburgh School for the Creative and Performing Arts, Pittsburgh Centers for the Musically Talented, and the Ozanam Cultural Center in Pittsburgh's Historic Hill District. 


I am fortunate to have been blessed with industry friends, mentors, coaches, and family throughout the years. They gave me respect, knowledge, and warmth of family as I grew up in the underground of the entertainment industry. Without my mentors and teachers, I wouldn't have had the skill set to share the music and stage with so many awesome Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul artists; including the likes of the late Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Branford Marsalis, Stretchshino, Reggie Watkins, Ryan Porter, Orrin Evans, Sean Jones, Nas, Trey Songz, Method Man, Redman, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-ONE, Bilal, Al B. Sure, Elzhi, Dead Prez, Large Professor, Action Bronson, Sean Jones, Atmosphere, DJ Evil Dee, DJ Bonics, Damian Marley, Howard Hewett, Lenny Williams, Blue Magic, Ursula Rucker, Nappy Roots, Flobots, C Rayz Walz, Esta, J Live, Koa, MH The Verb, Buscrates, Beedie, Reverrb, Jack Wilson, Elyse Louise, Steeltown Horns, James Armstead Brown, Queen God Is, The Dugout, BZE, M Dot, Junk Science, Shade Cobain, Daru Jones, Jaron LaMont, Tim Clark, Tim Guthrie (SMILO), G. Ryin Gaines, Andy Bianco, Poogie Bell, Markila Sherman, Anqwenique Kinsel, Olamide, Dade Faison,

Bert Price, King Aswad, Jason McCollum, Adam Halpin, Brady Watt, Jamal Hampton, Shirley Faison, Natalie Shugars, John Wagner, Lady Atiya, Samuel Appa, Matt Hudson, Junius Paul, Gabe Wallace, Anthony Nicholson, Will Baggett, Dave Holloway, Margot Bingham, Carolyn Perteete, James Johnson III, Rory Webb, Arianna Powell, Anastasia Hagermann, Feral Cat, Boogie Hustlers, Famous Mr. Nobodies, Dru Klein, DJ Big Phill, DJ Selecta, DJ Vex, DJ Drastik, Emmai Alaquiva, Corey Gale, John C. Hall, Paul Thompson, David Throckmorton, Miles Jackson, Patrick Whitehead, Carlos Pena, Alex Jeffe, Ayesha Scott, Andrew Kirk, Justin Bechak, Steve Palko, Jason Rafalak, Anton DeFade, Brandon Martin, Justin Strong, and the late Johnny Kemp.