Alternative RnB x Experimental Hip Hop x Acoustic Groove x Trip Hop


Welcome to my website. I appreciate you stopping by to visit. My name is Gene Stovall, the son of Count Stovall and Mary Mease Warren. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised as a musician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA); which famous for it‘s three rivers, many bridges, skyscrapers, sports teams, steak salads, specialised sandwiches, traditional Jazz scene, grey skies, ice storms, depression, vitamin D deficiency, Yinzer-ism, pothole riddled roads, Weed culture, air pollution, universities, software engineering, robotics, Andy Warhol, August Wilson, George Benson, Gene Kelly, Billy Strayhorn, Myron Cope, Mac Miller, and a tapestry of famous and noteworthy public personalities. I currently live in Cologne, Germany where I started my family, host and DJ radio shows, and practice my music production skills as I release new music every week as both Gene Stovall and Geenpool, on sites like YouTube, BandCamp, and Spotify. 

I write and record music using two names because I have two different expectations for the manifestation of my work. After having many conversations with fans, family, colleagues, and friends about the state of my music choices, I have arrived at the conclusion that having two avenues to push music was better for my overall career in entertainment. I don't mind if people know that Gene  Stovall is Geenpool, or vice versa. What is most important is that people understand that Gene Stovall is the 'Vocalist Extraordinaire' that sings standards, covers, anthems, and show tunes..and Geenpool makes experimental recordings, without a steady vibe in mind, or direction as far as style or genre. 


Whether I'm performing as Gene Stovall or Geenpool, he sound of my music is honest, soulful, meaningful, abstract, refreshingly alternative, experimental, and unpredictable. Somehow, I manage like Michael Scott (The Office). I sing and rap. I play guitar, keyboards, drum sets, and bass guitar. I am learning new and different techniques which apply to how I manipulate notes and sounds through effect pedals and pads. I DJ. I produce tracks. I mix and I master. I make instrumentals. I am pretty new to the home studio game, so I'm learning wonderful things and making happy accidents everyday. 

I have the work ethic and determination of an artist who believes that everyday could be his last. No matter how hard things get, I accomplish my daily tasks and lean on my team achieve my goals and aspirations. I currently share with and bounce my ideas off of small businesses and upcoming businesses like DapDum, Deep Green Ink, Backyard Alliance, New York Heartbeatz, Pullover Rivers, 674fm and Alien Facez..to name a few. I am excited about what 2021 has to offer. 

Overall, I'm just happy to be here. I'm happy to share my music and stories with all of you, and hope that you can add my music to your playlists and hearts. Welcome to Geenpool Music. Enjoy your stay. 



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